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The Importance of Support

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Writing is a lonely job. You have no teammates, you’re not part of a group and you don’t have a partner. It can be really hard to keep going when it’s just you and your muse, who may or may not be cooperative depending on its mood.

When Stephen King wrote the first few pages of “Carrie,” he threw it away because he thought it was crap but his wife fished it out of the trash and encouraged him to keep going. He expanded it into a novel and when it was released in paperback, it sold over one million copies in its first year. Think of what could have happened instead if his wife hadn’t been there.


That simple act shows how important it is to have someone believe in you and support you through all your tortured artist moments, both successful and unsuccessful ones. There is power in someone believing in you. Agents will go to an exorcism before they go out on a limb for you and publishers will gladly level the rainforest issuing rejection letters to keep you out of print.

It can all become very discouraging but that one person that looks at it and tells you it’s fabulous is the one that will get you through those days. That No 2 person in your writing life, your muse being No 1, is almost always a spouse or a parent, sometimes a mentor or a sibling.

If you’re at this point thinking, well I don’t have any of those things apart from my muse, you’re not alone. You can still find support by joining writer’s groups online and sharing your writing, trials and tribulations. You can also join writer’s societies where you can network and interact with other writers, whether published traditionally or indie authors.

Whatever you do, do not isolate yourself completely. And that’s coming from someone who loves isolation and living inside her head. Your support network will get you through the tough times and they’ll be there to celebrate with you when you achieve your writing goals and objectives.

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