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How to Deal With Negative People and Vision Killers

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We’ve all met them at one point or the other in our lives. People who say you can’t be something or do something. They try to convince you you’re not qualified enough or smart enough.

They point out every obstacle in your way, both real and imaginary, and try to discourage you. They see the glass as half empty. They see all the problems in every opportunity. They are noisy and they are known as dream killers. I’ve had my share of these type of people over the years.


They come in all forms too – family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and frenemies. Sometimes, they mean well and really do care about you and are trying to keep you grounded so you don’t make stupid decisions but a lot of the time, they’re just trying to pull you down because your vision is scary.

Unless, there’s way for you to hibernate yourself completely from interacting with humans, it’s inevitable you will come across dream killers as you course through life, so the question is what to do when that time comes? You may be in the middle of such a situation as you read this and you’re wondering what you can do about it.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity: an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty,” – Winston S. Churchill.

4 Ways to Deal with Negative People and Vision Killers

  1. Don’t try to win them over. The aim isn’t to understand you or your dreams. The aim is to discourage you and tell you why you can’t do it. Trying to win them over isn’t a battle you want to fight.
  2. Eliminate these people from your life. Depending on the relationship you have, it might not be so easy to remove a dream killer from your life. The next best thing in this case would be to reduce your contact level significantly.
  3. Learn to tune out negativity. Zone out when they start spewing. I’m very good at this. Take your mind to a happy place and stay they’re till they’re done if you can’t shut them up.
  4. Go right ahead and prove them wrong. Nothing shuts up a naysayer better than your success. They say it can be done? Well, go ahead and do it.

7 People Who Made the Impossible Happen

Just in case, you’re thinking your dream (s) is a bit over the top, peep the following people who have lived dreams that seemed impossible:

  1. When asked how he felt about his failure regarding the light bulb, Thomas Edison said, “I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” He holds a world record of 1,093 patents.
  2. Walt Disney was told the idea of Mickey Mouse would never succeed but he found it kind of fun to do the impossible and went ahead with it. He created an entertainment empire.
  3. Harland David Sanders secret chicken recipe was rejected 1,009 times before a restaurant accepted it. Today, KFC is part of history.
  4. Sidney Poitier was told to stop wasting people’s time and go out and become a dishwasher at his first audition. We all know where Sidney Poitier is today.
  5. J.K. Rowling was nearly penniless, depressed, divorced and raising a child on her own while she was writing Harry Potter. She is one of the richest women in the world today.
  6. Charlie Chaplin’s act was initially regarded as nonsensical fluff that would never sell but today, he is one of the cornerstones of film history.
  7. The number of times Abraham Lincoln failed in life is a legend but he never gave up and eventually became the President of the United States.

This isn’t a complete list and there are many more success stories everywhere. Your dream is only as big or as small as your belief in it.

It’s up to you to equip yourself with the skills and tools that will help you live those dreams. Muhammad Ali said it best with the words, “Impossible is Nothing!”

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