Best Books for Writers


There are a bajillion books on writing out there but you have only so much time in a day and you can't spend it all reading. However, there are some books that should be in every writer's arsenal no matter what and I have recommended the top 11 here. These are also my favourites.

From the creator of The Writer's Loft, Chicago, Immediate Fiction covers the process of writing including manuscript preparation, time management, finding an idea, getting words on the page, staying unblocked, & submitting to agents & publishers.

"If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write." Powerful words from Stephen King. Until I read this book, I always thought my inexplicable desire to write was abnormal. A revealing book full of advice, inspiration & much more. 

An invaluable resource for finding publishing opportunities, consumer and trade magazines, contests and awards, and literary agents including contact and submission information including a free digital download of the writer's yearbook.


A simple style manual that offers practical advice on how to improve your overall writing skills. It teaches you how to effectively communicate and make your sentences jump from the page.

A great and simple guide on how to write focused, well-crafted and powerful query letters that will be read and elicit a response from editors and agents. Suitable for fiction and non-fiction authors.

Publishing guide for beginners and experienced writers. The authors outline how to build a sustainable, profitable career as an indie author. A must read for indie authors. 


Fifty writers share how they first discovered they were writers, their writing process as well as frustrations. Culled from ten years of the Washington Post column of the same name.

A collection of short essays on the things that characterize the life of a writer. An account based on the writer's personal experience. For those days when you want a little encouragement.

A comprehensive and practical guide on how to navigate the publishing industry as a first time author. Empower yourself with the right information as you embark on your writer's journey.


It's not easy being a writer. The stories in this book are inspiring, commiserative and encourage to stay the course through all the writing trials and tribulations.

This book gives practical, hands-on advice and best practices on the writing process. However, the book is more suitable for newbies to indie publishing.