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Best Online Courses on Udemy for Indie Authors in 2018 – Less Than $10!

Kindle has completely revolutionized the publishing world and made it possible for so many people including yours truly to get their work out there but self-publishing is still a vast learning place. When I published my first book, I had no idea what I was doing and it took me three times as long as it should to format, upload and finally publish it. Since those days, many moons ago, I have improved my process significantly utilizing a wide variety of tools and resources. This article will  ...

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The Dummies Guide to Overcoming Writer’s Block

What is Writer’s Block?  The Brewster’s dictionary defines writer’s block as – “A periodic lack of inspiration that can descend on the most experienced of writers and that results in an almost pathological inability to put pen to paper.” As a child, I used to wonder how it was possible for anyone to have writer’s block. Would the thoughts in a person’s head just disappear? I was quite convinced, as only a child could be, that I could never experience writer’s block. I was magical. I was  ...

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Amazon Beefs Up Customer Review Criteria

One used to be able to write a review on Amazon as long as you’d made a purchase but Amazon recently made changes to this process. In order to write a review on Amazon, a minimum of $50 purchase with a valid debit or credit card is required.  This process has been put in place to improve the review process and prevent friends and family members from beefing up the reviews with dishonest reviews. While this policy has been around for a while, its something many people are only becoming  ...

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The Underwear Defense, Free on Amazon, Nov 30 – Dec 4!

Many moons ago, while trying to retrieve a box of chocolates from an ex’s luggage, I came across something I shouldn’t have. He tried his best to explain it away but I remained suspicious and refused to let it go. I subsequently engaged a friend, and we embarked on a hilarious fact finding mission. That experience served as the inspiration for The Underwear Defense, the first story from my upcoming collection – For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not: A Humorous Take on Courtships,  ...

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